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Websites store a small piece of data called ''cookie'' in the user's web browser while a user is browsing a website. A cookie is a small text file that is transferred to your computer when its user visits a website and enables the analysis of the user's visit, number of visits and what they do during those visits. The cookie contains the basic data about the user's visit of a certain website, eg. name of visited website. The contents of the cookie is stored in the user's computer in a separate directory. By double clicking on the file it is possible to get further information about visited web pages, date and time of the visit. All these data are also stored by the webmaster of the website that the user visits.

If the user changes the web browser cookie settings, we are no longer able to ensure full functionality of our website. Some site features may become inaccessible or the display will be altered.

The webmaster can connect the personal data supplied by the user in the registration process to the data stored in the cookie. The webmaster may use the information produced by the cookies, either separately or in combination with the personal data of the user to evaluate the use of the website, to create reports on website activities, statistical data analysis or to provide further services associated with use of the website.

It is considered that the user that is browsing the site owned by Sports Partner International gives consent for the installation of a cookie and personal consent to the use and processing of personal and other data, which includes the option of processing and integration of data that can be seen from the cookies.

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