Federations Partnerships


Sports Partner International is a Portuguese company with wide experience combining Sports Performance with the highest production engineering, design and high competition intervenient knowledge, resulting on the best solutions of indoor and outdoor Sports Floors and Equipment.


The developing base of our Sports Floors and Equipment is sustained in factors such as comfort, security, performance, appearance, functionality and investment protection, always following the guideline of the actual corresponding and demanding European norms.


The Partnerships we have with distinct Federations of different Sports in different countries, assure us the active participation of high competitions intervenient on the products we produce. This valuable input allows us to develop the most technology advanced Sports Floors and Equipment in the market with assurance of quality and satisfaction and always adapted to the actuality.


This quality is today worldwide recognised by International Federations, and also used by distinct Federations all over the world on their high competition official events.


Due to the versatility of our Sports Floors and Equipment, besides high competition events, you can find our products either indoor or outdoor in Education installations, Public Sports installations, Private Sports installations, etc… in different countries all over the world.


If you are searching for a Sports Floor or Equipment of high performance, that protects biomechanically the athletes, with great look, low maintenance cost, versatile and economic, we have the right solution for you.

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